We are so proud to announce that the new refurbishment of the old St Tudno side of the hotel is now finished.

After a lovely Christmas and New Year at The Wildings Hotel, we closed the doors to allow ourselves and our wonderful staff some time to relax and re-charge. During this period work commenced on refurbishing all 18 of our new bedrooms which we inherited from joining the St Tudno building with The Wildings building. It was a very busy 6 weeks but we have finished and now have a redecorated reception area, plus 30 beautiful modern guest bedrooms, 12 of which were refurbished in summer 2020 (which kept Ian and I busy during lockdown!) and 18 of which have just been completed (January 2022) by a great team of workman who have done us very proud!!

The Wildings has now fully taken over the St Tudno Hotel and has now renamed itself “The Wildings Hotel & Tudno’s Restaurant. We are proud to have kept the restaurant name as “Tudno’s” as we felt it was important to keep some of the history of the building and show the journey that both the Wildings and the St Tudno have been on. It is in fact 50 years this year that the St Tudno has been operating as a hotel and we are excited to celebrate its history and for The Wildings Hotel to take it on its next 50 years!!

All of that being said…the work hasn’t finished yet…! (there’s always something to do!) This year we plan to have a brand new sign for the front of the hotel with our new name lighting up the promenade! We also hope to get the building painted in all one colour as currently we look like two different buildings… (watch this space on our colour choices…)  and finally we hope to continue with our refurbishment programme and update some more of our en-suite bathrooms. Plus lots of new offers for you to take advantage of at the hotel and restaurant!!! There’s so many exciting things in the pipeline for this year so keep your eyes open on our facebook page and on our blogs for all our latest news!

We hope that many regular and new guests join us on the next part of this wonderful hotels journey and we look forward to welcoming you all back to The Wildings Hotel soon… We hope you love the refurb as much as we do!


Sending you all our best wishes

From Nick and Ian